Global Trade Solutions for Small Businesses

Global Trade Solutions for Small Businesses

Global Risk Platform

About the Factfin Platform

In the age of global ecommerce marketplaces, Factfin supports global trade solutions for small business that cover single transaction requests, and near real time processing. The platform combines multiple sources of trade data, receivables risk models and partnerships to cover the extended supply chains of any bank’s customers.

Factfin gives banks:

Single Transaction Cover APIs

Help your small business clients confidently trade in the global marketplace with access to trade risk cover to over 50 million businesses across 240 countries.

Factfin’s Single Transaction Cover API brings global trade finance products previously only available to large corporates. With Single Transaction Cover API your small business clients can now confidently;

Sell to any customer
Global Trade Credit Insurance

Global Trade Credit Insurance can be integrated into a bank’s trade receivable finance program, covering global counterparty default risk

Access cash flow
Global Receivables Financing

Global Risk Grades of over 50 million businesses can be integrated into a bank’s trade invoice finance program, covering global counterparty default risk

Manage late payments
Global Receivables Management

Global Receivables Management provides collections services across 240 countries, providing small and medium business access to on-the-ground debt recovery and legal resources

About Factfin’s risk cover

Factfin combines technology and data science to deliver our Single Transaction Cover APIs. Our global risk coverage is delivered through a partnership with Euler Hermes. With more than 100 years of experience, Euler Hermes is the global leader in trade credit insurance, insuring global business transactions for over US$900 billion every year. As a subsidiary of Allianz, Euler Hermes is rated AA by Standard & Poor’s.


How does it work?

A bank can simply integrate Factfin’s Single Transaction Cover APIs into their digital service offering. Requesting cover follows four simple steps:

  • Nominate Global Trade Product
  • First, search for the two companies involved in the transaction - the buyer and supplier.
  • After the companies have been identified, request a quote for insurance to cover the invoice.
  • If the quote is acceptable, confirm and activate the cover.
  • Finally, if you've been paid, you can settle the cover - and if not, you can file a claim.

Coming Soon: Domestic Single Trade Cover API for SMEs

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Supply Chain Trade Risk Management

Unlock your bank’s own trade network data

Factfin’s Supply Chain Trade Mapping & Analysis maps a bank’s extended supply chains and risk profiles. This allows banks to;

  • Identify and map B2B supply chain networks
  • Understand individual small business nodes within a supply chain and how they are impact by the network
  • Identify trade product sales opportunities - domestic and international
Improve your bank’s supply chain network risk management

A follow on to the Supply Chain Trade Mapping & Analysis, Factfin supports banks to build their own trade network risk management structure. This includes;

  • Ongoing monitoring of receivables risk for individual businesses
  • Defining the delta of individual business risk changes and flow on supply chain impact
  • Integrating receivable risk into bank customer-credit risk ratings
How do we approach data governance?

Factfin’s supply chain data analytics tools are adaptable and can work in any secure cloud data environment, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Services and Google Cloud Platform. Factfin is also a partner of Data Republic.

We can work with any anonymisation and encryption tools that banks use to protect sensitive data.

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Optimise the Cost of Risk Capital for Trade Finance Products

Structure you trade finance products to use trade credit insurance to offset default risk

Facfin’s API can integrate trade credit insurance into a bank’s trade finance products, either to cover single transactions or a portfolio. Underwritten by Euler Hermes, a correctly structured trade finance program can allow for the default risk to be covered by an AA Rated insurance policy, creating the ability for a bank to obtain Basel III capital relief against unsecured lending.

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About Factfin

Factfin started as a consultancy firm in 2012 working with The World Bank and a number of leading global brands - including Beer Lao, Coca-Cola, P&G, and Unilever, researching trade finance requirements for small businesses. In 2015 we evolved into a fintech - specialising in trade data risk models that provide small business access to trade finance products.

Paul Reynolds

CEO & Co-Founder

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