Global Trade Solutions for Small Businesses

Global Trade Solutions for Small Businesses

Trading in the global marketplace on open account can be safe and simple for small businesses.

Whether it’s a one off or multiple transactions, our Single Transaction Cover API helps small business confidently trade with 50 million businesses, across 240 countries.

SMEs can now more easily:

Sell to any customer
Global Trade Credit Insurance
Access cash flow
Global Receivables Financing
Manage late payments
Global Receivables Management
in partnership with...

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For Banks:

Unlock the value of bank supply chain data and increase trade product sales to small business.

Banks hold significant supply chain data and trade relationships. Factfin create for banks proprietary supply chain trade maps to identify small business trade product opportunities and the ability to quickly understand receivables risk.

Read how Alibaba is leading the charge of global B2B ecommerce, building it into a US $6.7 trillion market by 2020.

Factfin allows banks to:

Integrate Single Transaction Cover API into your digital channels

Create proprietary supply chain trade data maps and improved receivables risk models

Optimise the cost of risk capital for your trade finance products

About Factfin

Factfin started as a consultancy firm in 2012 working with The World Bank and a number of leading global brands - including Beer Lao, Coca-Cola, P&G, and Unilever, researching trade finance requirements for small businesses. In 2015 we evolved into a fintech - specialising in trade data risk models that provide small business access to trade finance products.

Paul Reynolds

CEO & Co-Founder

+61 0410 279 597

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